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タイトル:Knowing Teaching Learning History: National and International Perspectives
編者:Peter N. Stearns, Peter Seixas, and Sam Wineburg
出版:New York University Press


メンバー 主な研究テーマ
川口広美(広島大学・准教授)  教師による社会科カリキュラム開発の支援研究
 池尻良平(東京大学・特任講師) 歴史を現代に応用する方法の開発
空健太(岐阜高専・准教授) 世界史による市民性の育成
鈩悠介(広島大学・院生)  歴史的意義(Historical Significance)の判断に
星瑞希(東京大学・院生) 高校生の歴史学習の意味づけに関する実証研究
山村向志(筑波大学・院生) 授業に見られる子どもの歴史的エンパシー



 目次 章タイトル 著者 担当者 レジュメ
0 Introduction Peter N. Stearns, Peter Seixas, and Sam Wineburg 川口


Part 1: Current Issues in History Education

 目次 章タイトル 著者 担当者 レジュメ
1  Schweigen! die Kinder! or, Does Postmodern History Have a Place in the Schools? Peter Seixas  鈩 レジュメ
2  Is It Possible to Teach Beliefs, as well as Knowledge about History? James V. Wertsch  鈩・星
3  Teaching and Learning History in Canada Desmond Morton  星 レジュメ
4  Dilemmas and Delights of Learning History David Lowenthal
5  The Caliph’s Coin: The Currency of Narrative Frameworks in History Teaching Denis Shemilt  池尻 レジュメ
6 The “Convergence” Paradigm in Studying Early American History in the Schools Gray B. Nash  川口 レジュメ
7 Constructing World History in the Classroom Ross E. Dunn  空


Part 2: Changes Needed to Advance Good History Teaching

 目次 章タイトル 著者 担当者 レジュメ
8 The Educational Backgrounds of History Teachers  Diane Ravitch  山村 レジュメ
9  A Catwalk across the Great Divide: Redesigning the History Teaching Methods Course  Peter Vinten-Johansen 川口 レジュメ
10 “What’s This New Crap? What’s Wrong with the Old Crap?” Changing History Teaching in Oakland, California Shelly Weintraub


Part 3: Research on Teaching and Learning in History

 目次 章タイトル 著者 担当者 レジュメ
11  Progression in Historical Understanding among Students Ages 7-14 Peter Lee and Rosalyn Ashby  鈩・星 レジュメ
12  Lessons on Teaching and Learning in History from Paul’s Pen  Gaea Leinhardt 池尻
13  Methods and Aims of Teaching History in Europe: — A Report on Youth and History Bodo von Borries
14 How Americans Use and Think about the Past: Implications from a National Survey for the Teaching of History  Roy Rosenzweig
15  Articulating the Silences: Teachers’ and Adolescents Conceptions of Historical Significance Linda S. Levstic   鈩・星
16 Making Historical Sense Sam Wineburg


Part 4: Models for Teaching

 目次 章タイトル 著者 担当者 レジュメ
17 Into the Breach: Using Research and Theory to Shape History Instruction  Robert B. Bain
18  Making Connections: The Interdisciplinary, Community of Teaching and Learning History  Christine Gutierrez
19  A Case Study of Developing Historical Understanding via Instruction: The Importance of Integrating Text Components and Constructing Arguments  James Voss and Jenifer Wiley 山村
20 Historical Understanding: Beyond the Past and into the Present Veronica Boix-Mansilla  池尻
21  Getting Specific about Training in Historical Analysis: A Case Study in World History Peter N. Stearns
22  The Sourcer’s Apprentice: A Tool for Document-Supported Instruction Charles A PerFetti